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Letherbee Autumnal '21

Letherbee Autumnal '21

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Continuing work with the genus of citrus, Letherbee Autumnal Gin 2021 turns to a fruit associated with perfumes, cosmetics, and tea.  Thought to be the most delicate of citrus, Citrus bergamia, commonly called Bergamot, is a genetic cross between lemon and bitter orange.  Its origins trace back to Southern Italy and commercial cultivation is centered there in Reggio Calabria (toe of the boot).

Bergamot’s fruity yet floral aroma elicits dualities - uplift with calm, arousal with security, stimulation with tranquility. It’s the mesmerizing comfort of candlelight.  It’s the late night hygge of lying next to the dancing flames in a fireplace.

With the added hint of cocoa nib in the recipe, 2021’s Autumnal Gin plays nicely with bitter cocktails.  Think about combinations with sweet vermouth, amaro, fernet.  Consider baking spices, black tea, Calabrian chili, ginger, and fig.  For lighter sour drinks try herbs like sage, rosemary, thyme, basil, and lemongrass.  Maybe get wild and work it with some blue cheese.  

Autumnal Gin 2021 is made using classic Letherbee original gin botanicals plus dried bergamot peel, cold-pressed bergamot oil, and cocoa nibs.   Total production is approximately 190 cases.


MAKE A MORE AMARO FOCUSED NEGRONI WITH THIS ASAP. Drop the vermouth, tuck some Braulio or Averna in there instead and witness the lovely song this botanical-forward cocktail can sing. If the Vernal highlighted above proves adept at clinging to the hem of a fading summer, this Autumnal variant embraces brown cardigan weather with arms wide, wide open. Feel free to grab a seat at the bar in our neighbor restaurant, Le Bouillon, and ask our bar staff to whip one up for you if you need a little push - we're partial to pairing it with a little snack of olives and almonds as well.

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