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Brundlmayer Ried Langenloiser Steinmassl Riesling

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"A stony smokiness hovers above the nose, only slowly giving way to pear and lemon. The palate then bursts into fruit with notions of ripe apple and Mirabelle framed and contoured by lemon brightness. It is that citrus freshness that soars towards the finish, mouthwatering, insistent and sustained."-W.E. 

In the Steinmassel vineyard, the vines are partially trained in the Lyre-system—this method doubles canopy exposure and favors aeration which improves photosynthesis and prevents dreaded fungus diseases.  The vineyards of Langenloiser Steinmassl are located on a ridge that ranges from 340 meters above sea level in the south-southeast to 240 meters in the north-northwest, with a broad shoulder extending out towards the southwest.  The Riesling vines of the Steinmassl vineyard grow on primary rock with mica-schist. This geological formation of Austria’s southern forest district possesses as classic and traditional a soil type as one is likely to find anywhere Kamptal, Kremstal or Wachau. Paragneiss and mica schist make up the crystalline bedrock, together with dark amphibolite and light colored granite gneiss. Deep weathering has resulted in a brown earth soil layer of variable thickness (up to one meter in places), which contains scattered rock fragments and which, despite the siliceous nature of the bedrock, can sometimes be a little calcareous.

After a gentle pressing of up to 8 hours the must ferments in stainless steel, and has extended contact on it’s fine lees before bottling.


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